ok 2009 September |

TOPDRIFT ROUND 3 moved to October 3!

In support of our friends from Drift Circuit and our San Diego friends. We moved round 4 to October 3 ’09.
We are going to be in San Diego to support our JustDrift drivers, TopDrift competitors and friends. Also some of the competitors and judges will be in China for the WDS Drift exhibition. So the new date for TOPDRIFT round 3 is October 3 2009 7AM – 5PM.


This is a 2 day event. 

Day 1 – Topdrift round 3 – quest for FD License for 2010! Points are up for grabs still! So get your game face on! Drivers meetings starts at 7am and goes all the way to 5pm with a Team Tandem match up!

Day 2 – Justdrift/Federal Tires drift clinic – A Drifting clinic where beginners can learn how to start drifting. This is also open for Intermediate to Advance level of drivers. We have instructors on site if needed.

Run both days for $200! Bring plenty of tires! Hopefully the weather will be a lot better in October!