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Thank you everyone!

It’s been a great year and season with JUSTDRIFT. TOPDRIFT FD PROAM was off the hook on all 4 rounds. The battle was fierce every round. With over 40 drivers in every round, it makes an interesting fight every time. One more times and a few close fights was normal – the talent is just amazing. Every time it never ceased to amaze the spectators and everyone involved. The level of driving talent is just different. JUSTDRIFT is proud to present our new FD representatives to be the rookies for 2013 Formula Drift.

We would like to thank all our sponsors for being there with us all the way! from rainy wet round 1 to hot and dry of round 4… THANK YOU!

ASB12 was the biggest ASB! Drivers from all over came to drive and enjoy ASB12. Top PROAM drivers and TOP FD drivers were on scene to participate and drive like there’s no tomorrow. They can finally drive without worrying about qualifying or winning anything. Everyone just drove their hearts out. Thanks to WILLOWSPRINGS RACEWAY for putting up with our yearly shenanigans! Thanks City tires for providing tire service and to Achilles Tires for bringing support to their own drivers. I hope to see everyone again next year!

Thank you to all our JUSTDRIFT Staff for making everything smooth and flawless. You guys are awesome! JUSTDRIFT will never be where it’s at without vigorelle where to buy your contribution. You are all part of the success of JUSTDRIFT and our drivers. We are all one big family. As we are closing our year end, it’s time to focus on the less fortunate that are looking forward to the holiday season. Toydrift 2012 is about sharing our blessings. We are going to bring extra smiles to the kids that need the love and something to brighten their day with. Last year 2011, JUSTDRIFT together with the California Highway Patrol went to Kaiser Permanente. We donated toys to the kids with special needs and have been diagnosed with medical conditions.
We invite everyone to join us in this effort by attending the JUSTDRIFT TOYDRIFT 2012. If you are not a driver and still want to participate. You can either go to Willow Springs and drop it off on Nov 17-18 and get a ride along in one of the drift cars or contact us and we can arrange a drop off place closer. If you have boxes of toys that you want to donate, Please contact us directly and we can arrange a pick up. Thank you!

Our sponsors for 2012:
ACT Advanced Clutch Technology, Megan Racing, HPS Silicone hoses, NOS Energy Drink,  KAAZ USA, APEXI-USA, AIT Racing, SPARCO USA, Custom Stealth Fab, Baker Performance Products, KOYO Radiator, City Tire Online, ReplayXD, and to our main media outlets Everything Drift and AMDRIFT.com

Another ASB12 video!

All Star Bash 12-10/20/2012 from Bean Bag Photography on Vimeo.


ASB 12 from cheap vivaxa Tyler Deal on Vimeo.

ASB Video from Battle Garage


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Teaser video from Tyler Seth Deal


Thank You all drivers for making this one of the biggest ASB ever! With over 100 drivers registered, It was a lot of work but seeing everyone and knowing that all of you had a good time makes it easier to work on towards the ASB13! The undefeated DRIFT UNION won Team Tandem 2 years in a row, we know that the first one wasn’t a fluke because they came out and defended their title. Thanks guys for making it back here in lovely Socal again. Here’s a short video… wait for the full version to come!


I see Dan Greenbank, Dave Westfall, Matt Powers, Mickie Frial, Martin Muench and the rest of the guys from JUSTDRIFT ASB12 rippin` hard in this video at Streets of Willow.

Project-Definition Video of ASB12

Project-Definition: Just Drift / All Star Bash 2012 from Project-Definition on Vimeo.


Drivers list is current as of Oct 8 2012 – If you registered and DO NOT SEE your name in there, please send me an email. We are sending confirmation to the email address you use for paypal. There will be ASB info in that email. So if you need to update your email address – Please email me with your email address. Otherwise check your mailbox that’s associated with your paypal address. There are 20 spots left and 2 weeks to go!