00 TOPDRIFT-FD ProAm 2016 rev1


  • Top Drift drivers from previous season (2015) get priority in registering their preferred numbers. Number rules: You may register up to 3 digits – Please refrain from registering derogatory or frowned upon numbers ie. 420, 69, 187 etc.
  • Windshield banner and door plates must be in place before the practice starts.
  • All cars must pass technical inspection and must have the approved tech stickers.
  • One piece driving suits are required and must be made of fire resistant material and certified to SFI spec 3/2A
    5 or greater, or homologated to “FIA 2000” specs, which effectively covers the body, including neck, ankles and wrists. Multi layer driving suits are recommended. Fire resistant underwear is recommended. Gloves, shoes, and socks are required.
  • Disqualification from competition, registration fees will not be refunded


Safety Equipment

Roll cage:

  • In regards to roll cage spec material, we suggest you follow Formula D specifications, however, if material is different than what is spec’d please contact us PRIOR to registration so we may make a judgement call.
  • 4 Point with door bars both sides – hip height (Minimum required)
  • 6 Point with door bars both sides – hip height (Strongly recommended)
  • All points must have base plates
  • SAE 1020 or 1025 Mild steel tubing or DOM is the preferred material for roll cage/roll bar construction.
  • All bolt in roll bar/cage must have backing plates
  • Door bars must be welded
  • SFI roll bar padding required near the hip/elbow of the driver and on the halo above the drivers head

*NOTE* Convertibles are required to have a complete 6 point roll cage with door bars, unless the vehicle is equipped with a hardtop, in which a 4 point with door bars will suffice.

Race Suits:

    • One piece driving suits are required and must be made of fire resistant material and certified to SFI spec 3/2A-5 or greater, or homologated to “FIA 2000” specs, which effectively covers the body, including neck, ankles and wrists.  Fire resistant underwear is recommended. Fire resistant SFI/FIA rated gloves, shoes, and socks are required.
  • ** SparcoUSA/JUSTDRIFT racing program qualifies all JUSTDRIFT/TOPDRIFT Drivers for a 20% off MSRP Sparco products and safety gear via FRSports.

Fire Extinguishers:

  • Fire extinguisher must be mounted inside the cabin within drivers reach
  • Minimum of 2.5 lbs capacity ABC Rated


  • Snell SA2005 or newer SA Snell Rating
  • All helmets should be free from cracks or damages – No painting over Snell rating sticker if it’s displayed on the exterior.

Racing Harnesses:

  • Must be FIA and/or SFI rated *Sparco is rated for both
  • 4 point harness minimum
  • Shoulder straps must be 3 inch width
  • Harnesses must appear in good condition without any fraying or damages
  • Lap harnesses must be bolted securely with reinforced eyebolts. Mounting latches must be safety wired
  • Shoulder harnesses should be properly secured and wrapped around the harness bar.


  • Stock or after market tow hooks must be present on FRONT and the REAR of the car – Please paint or mark your tow so they can be easily seen.
  • All exterior body parts/panels must be completely secured/installed upon start of the competion
  • ** Full body car – bumpers(FRONT AND REAR), fenders – complete aero is a must, stock is OK too, as long as it’s complete full body.
  • **Exception on practice days, you may remove your bumpers on the practice sessions**
  • Cars must have a working headlight, driving lights, tail lights, brake lights and hazard lights
  • Front windshield cannot have any cracks larger than a quarter


  • Fuel Cell must be firewall enclosed
  • All fuel/water/oil lines must be enclosed if running inside the car
  • Rear mounted radiators must be shielded/enclosed from cabin/driver
  • Accusump must be shielded from the driver if running inside the vehicle
  • Engine Accessories must be properly mounted and secured in engine bay
  • Heat shielding on oil lines and brake master cylinders required near manifolds and turbos
  • vehicles with fluid leaks will not be allowed to compete
  • Exhaust must be rear facing and must extend behind the rear axles
  • Modifications to the firewall must be preapproved
  • Cars must only have water in the cooling system.


  • Racing seats must be bolted securely and must utilized racing harness and must attach to a harness bar
  • Stock seats must use stock seat belts unless stock seats has pass through for racing harness
  • Interior must be clean of trash, exposed wires and any obstructions to the drivers


  • The moving of suspension mounts, pick up points and or steering linkages must be preapproved
  • Sandwich spacers must have equal thread engagement as stud diameter (ie. Nissan 12×1.25 = 9.6 turns)
  • No cars will have missing or damaged lugs and or lugnuts
  • Functioning front and rear brakes

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