TOPDRIFT Limited is a 3 rounds competition focusing on “street legal cars” with minimum modification. This is a separate series from TOPDRIFT FD Proam. TOPDRIFT Limited has no affiliation with Formula Drift Pro2 licensing. TOPDRIFT Limited rules are different than the TOPDRIFT FD Pro Am and are as follows:

Engine modification:

  • Engine swaps are only allowed if the swapped engine is/was one of the OEM production engines for that chassis model/year. (ie – Nissan S13 with SR20DET is OKAY.  MKII/MKIII Supra with 2jzgte NOT OKAY)
  • The use of Nitrous Oxide system is prohibited
  • Modification of OEM engine is allowed (Turbo Charger, Super Chargers, Internal modifications, including stroker kits, variable valve timing etc.)
  • Transmission tunnel modifications are prohibited.  Slight clearance modifications must be approved by tech.

Safety requirements:

  • Roll cage not required for qualifying but competitor cannot proceed to top 16 tandem rounds (not including convertibles)
  • Roll bar with doorbar required on all convertible vehicles to compete.
  • Minimum roll bar must be in place (4 point with welded door bar and padding in impact area)
  • Fire extinguisher in cabin, positions within driver’s reach.
  • No Fuel Cell
  • No routing of Oil/Fuel lines inside cabin
  • No Firewall modifications allowed
  • No Fire suit required
  • Minimum interior must be kept (Factory Dash board and door panels)
  • No Lexan windows in any part of the car
  • Factory crash bar or       Aftermarket bash bar is OK (must fit bumper properly)
  • If you are not running OEM seatbelts, Harnesses must carry SFI or FIA Rating and have a minimum of 4 points
  • Harnesses must be properly secured using proper hardware and anchors. Shoulder harnesses and cannot be above 30° of shoulder height and cannot be -5° below shoulder height.
  • SA2005 or newer helmet


  • Bumper, Fender, Hood and complete panels required at all times – CAN’T BE REMOVED DUE TO OVER HEATING OR TO MAKE UP FOR LACK OF COOLING.
  • Aftermarket hood and vents allowed.
  • Complete OEM style headlight must be in place and working
  • Complete OEM style tail light must be in place and working
  • Car must look “streetable” and maintain one color
  • Front end conversion is allowed but fenders/hood/bumper has to line up properly (When in doubt, have tech pre-approve your modification)
  • Tires must fit within the fender line. ie, top edge of tread no more than 1/4″ protruding from fender (over fender, FRP wide fender, or OEM fender)


  • Treadwear rating cannot be lower than 240.
  • Tread width cannot be wider than 235.


  • Factory pick up points location
  • Modifications to the subframes must be preapproved

Driver restriction

  • Current drivers participating or hold a license for FD pro1 or 2 are not permitted to compete
  • Drivers who have made the podium in 2014 or current season of any Formula Drift Proam series will not be eligible to compete


  • Factory Dash and Factory Door Panel can be “trimmed” to allow roll bar pass through only
  • Carpet and sound deadening not required
  • Headliner can be removed for roll bar clearance



FYI: This is a new series and we are in developmental stage. Please visit this page frequently for updates/changes/additions to the rule book. We want to level out the field to keep it fair for all competitors.

Contact us if you have any questions. Thanks!

Info: Charlie@justdrift.com

Tech: Steve@justdrift.com

Media: Paul@justdrift.com


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