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Rival Competition Series Rules and Regulations

Just Drift Rival Competition Series 2018 is a 3 round competition series. It was created to fill what we feel is a current void in the grassroot community. It is a series made for those of us who want to compete at the grassroots level without having to build a competition car to be able to do so at the current ProAm level.

This is a separate series from TOPDRIFT ProAm and has no affiliation to Formula D Pro2 licensing.

Rival Competition Series rules are as follows:

● All engine swaps under 3500cc (3.5 liters) are allowed.
**The only exception will be if the car came equipped with an engine with a displacement larger than 3500cc from the factory (i.e. Mustang, corvette, 370z, etc.)**

● Modification of engine is allowed (Turbo Charger, Super Chargers, Internal modifications, including stroker kits, variable valve timing etc.)

● Use of nitrous oxide system is prohibited.

● Firewall modification is prohibited. Slight clearance modifications for engine/transmission fitment must be approved by tech.

● Transmission swaps are open.

● Tires must not exceed 235 in width in all 4 corners.

● Front tire treadwear is open.

● Rear tire treadwear must be 300 and higher.

● No fuel cell allowed.

● Surge tanks are allowed and must be enclosed and sealed completely from the cabin.

Roll cage minimum requirements:

● 4-point bolt-in roll cage with door bars.
*Door bars can be bolt in with a sleeve or tube connector type joints. Cusco style tabs and bolts will not pass tech for door bars.

*Although bolt in cage will pass tech a 6-point fully welded roll cage with door bars welded in is highly recommended.

* Special rounds might not require a cage and will be announced prior to the event.

* All convertibles MUST have a cage welded to the car with welded door bars. No bolt in cage allowed. No exceptions for convertibles regardless of special rounds mentioned above

● Roll cage material should be SAE 1020 or 1025 Mild steel tubing or DOM, 1.5”x0.95” or comparable.

*Roll cage is not required for qualifying but competitor cannot proceed to top 16 tandem rounds (not including convertibles).

● SFI or FIA rated door bar padding required in exposed impact areas (door bars, A to B pillar bars and all bars around the driver head).

● Fire extinguisher required. Must be mounted inside the cabin, positioned within driver’s reach.

● Windshields must be glass with no cracks larger than a quarter.

Body/exterior /interior
●OEM dash must be present.

●OEM or aftermarket door panels must be present and secured properly via fasteners.
*Cutting of either parts to fit around the cage is allowed.

● All wheels AND tires must fit under fenders. Minor protrusion of the tire from stretching is allowed

● Vehicle must be 1 color.
*Livery/designs/decals are allowed.

●Vehicle must have all body panels present and secured on the car at the time of tech.

● OEM style headlights and tail lights must be used.

● Aftermarket bash bar are OK (must fit bumper properly and covered entirely by the bumper).

● Functional tow hooks required in front and rear. Factory tow points OK

● Seat belt / harness
*OEM seat belts allowed with factory seat.
*4-point harness is required for any aftermarket seat.

For any further question regarding rules and regulations for Rival Series please contact Jason Kim – RivalCompetitionSeries@gmail.com 

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