What’s a Drift Clinic – Drift Clinic is designed for beginners to take part in the sport of drifting. This is the ground zero of drifting. It is held in a race track, safe and controlled closed circuit environment.  Justdrift have instructors that are certified and have current pro drift licenses and pro racing licenses. The JUSTDRIFT SESSIONS/CLINIC has been around for almost 10 years. We believe in learning the sport properly and being responsible. We provide the perfect place to learn it! at the tracks! With the help of our sponsors, it’s even more affordable to go drifting and enjoy the sport!

Justdrift has a ladder program that leads to becoming a licensed pro drifter competing in “pro circuit” such as Formula Drift.

The steps in enrolling in Drift Clinic:

1. Schedule: Check our event schedule calendar, find a date to start. Drift Clinic is at least once a Month.

2. Self assessment – Find the group where you belong (A) Beginners – Never drifter before (B) Intermediate – Have some kind of drifting experience (C) Advance – Very comfortable drifting, total control of the car, has experience tandem, car has the necessary upgrades and safety specs and has competed and placed well. (D) Expert – like the advance class but include and not limited to: Placed TOP16 or has podium finish in a TOPDRIFT *2006-20012* competition, An X Pro licensed driver,  or a Top 16 PROAM competitor from any Formula Drift Affiliate organization.  

3. Registration – Go to registration page and submit your registration information, It is important to fill it out correctly and accurately. After sending your information, complete it with Secure online payment via PAYPAL. Or contact – charlie@justdrift.com for other options.

4. Confirmation – A confirmation will be sent to you via email within a week of the event. Print your confirmation and bring your PAYPAL receipt at the day of the event. All events – beginners to expert always starts registration at7AM. 

5. We have about 20-30 cars that attend the beginners/intermediate Drift Clinics every month.

A typical schedule for Justdrift sessions(APPLIES TO ALL CLASSES)






What to expect in a Drift Clinic:

When attending the Drift Clinic, it is important to have an open mind and willingness to learn. Learning how to drift does not happened overnight.  It takes patience and understanding. Learning how the car behaves and reacts to your input and technique. Different car, different reactions – But it’s all basic from the beginning. From understanding your equilibrium inside the car to visually anticipating where you want the car to go. Drifting has different techniques you can use. At the class, we teach you all of them. The beginners day/class is broken down to 2 groups with 3-4 instructors each group. The session starts with a skid pad and a j turn. In the skid pad, you will learn how to use your ebrake and throttle control by doing “donuts and figure 8’s”. At the “J-turn” you will learn how to clutch kick and ebrake initiation. This session rotates every 50 minute per group. During the break time, the other group can watch while the second group is in class. You will understand more what’s going on and the mistakes they make. It helps because you will see yourself making that mistake. Most of the time, the nervousness inside the car with the presence of the instructor gets the best of the students. Our best advice is, have a good time and take the instructor for a ride! Listen and always ask questions. What also helps is, letting the instructor drive your car so he can give you better advice in setting up your car in general. We only recommend this if your car is in “TIP TOP” shape. Our instructor is not responsible for the wear/tear/damage of your car incase of a failure.

Second half of the day, We will use full track and then students will be able to put together what they  have learned in the morning session. We will be brushing up your knowledge and practicing it. There’s going to be a lot of frustration and spinning out. But that’s normal, it comes with you on the first few days, weeks, months of drifting. Seat time is the best investment you can do for drifting. We recommend to have a good rear wheel drive car equipped with Limited Slip Differential (LSD) and Coilovers (linear springs and struts). This will make your car more predictable and easier to learn on. You don’t need a heavily modified car to learn drifting. To compete is a different story.


BEGINNERS – No track experience, first time drifting, Instructors available all day. After 2-3 beginner events (depending on your improvement) we encourage you to move up to intermediate maybe enroll in a  High Performance Driving Events and or Autocross.

INTERMEDIATE – Learn at your own pace level. After 3 or more Intermediate events (depending on your improvement)  At this point you might want to try competing if you are consistent enough. That way you can get used to the competition environment and the pressure it brings.

ADVANCE – After you have competed in a TOPDRIFT or similar series or competition and has gain tandem experience, consistent in car control (complete safety equipment for tandem) and has placed well in the competition, has been to a lot of events and exhibits car control skills.

EXPERT – Someone that has  Placed TOP 16, or had a podium finish in any TOPDRIFT ROUND in 2006 to present or similar events such as FD PROAM. (Case by case basis) Ex Pro FD/D1 driver, Current FD/D1 driver, FDPROAM competitor. Once you’re in this class, You are now an ALL STAR MATERIAL! Chances are you are ready to become an FD licensed driver. This is where your opportunity to play with the big boys come. If you placed TOP3 in the TOPDRIFT BATTLE SERIES, You will get your Formula D license directly and If you placed within TOP 8. You will be invited to the FD PROAM and this will be another chance for you to get your  Formula D License.


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