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 JustDrift started as group of car enthusiast with the exciting idea of elevating the level of the drifting experience in the US. As drifting got popular we realized that our skills needed to improve – which means more track time and more practice. By friends helping friends received the much needed track time within a fun, friendly, no politics drifting environment.Our grassroots growth has been rewarding and true to our goals – “to cater to the excited driver”, the ones who are serious and have a love for the sport. JustDrift also works with clubs and other car groups to organize track / drift events.On the other side of the coin, JustDrift creates lasting relationship and trust between the drifting enthusiasts and the race tracks. To create a good image for drifting is our second goal. We impart to our drivers a high level of safety and etiquette.We welcome excited drivers who’d like to join our fun group. if you have any questions or comments to improve JustDrift please do not hesitate to contact us.
Started in 2002 and growing stronger every year!
We are base in:
Willow Springs Raceway – Rosamond Ca
3500 75th Street West
Rosamond Ca 93560


Info: Charlie Ongsingco  charlie@justdrift.com / congsingco@gmail.com

Sponsorship and Advertising – Hung Huynh hung@hps-siliconehoses.com

Tech Manager – Steven Chan steve@justdrift.com

Media Relations – Paul Lopez paul@justdrift.com

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