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Monday, 21 of April of 2014


April 26-27 – Drift Clinic/Open drift session

Aerial video of TOPDRIFT Round 1 taken from JUSTDRIFT Helicopter

Congratulations to our TOPDRIFT Round 1 Winners!

Congratulations to Alex Heilbrunn 1st Place, Spike Chen 2nd place and Danny Giraldo 3rd place


Keep Drifting Fun – Video of JUSTDRIFT Open season hunting 2014!


TOPDRIFT Round 1 – March 29-30 2014!


Please click on the TOPDRIFT 2014 link for Tech requirements and updates.

2014 JustDrift season opening! Feb 22-23


2014 JustDrift season opener coming next month! Register early and get the party started! We have opened 2 tracks for both days to cater to all driving levels and have plenty of track time to shake down those rusty arms during the Holiday break.


- Saturday Feb 22

$85 / driver  Balcony РBeginners/Intermediate 8AM Р5pm
$110 / driver HTM – Intermediate/Advance/Expert/Pro

-Sunday Feb 23
** Balcony РPlease register via for SUNDAY BALCONY EVENT РOur partners are taking care of our Drift clinic for Sunday exclusive 805slide and justdrift collaboration 

$110/driver HTM- Intermediate/Advance/Expert/Pro

JD Store

New for 2013 – JD Zippie Hoody

Available sizes – Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XXLarge

Keep yourself warm at the track with our JustDrift ZIppie Hoody!

$45 shipped to 48 States (ConUS only) can ship outside USA for additional shipping/handling charges

Zip hoody

Ship to info:

Keep Drifting Fun – Edit of ASB13, ToyDrift1 and #driftforhaiyan

Just Drift – All Star Bash/Toy Drive 13 from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

TOYDRIFT 2 – Dec 14-15

ToyDrift 2

photoshop elements web license

#driftforhaiyan – CHP Toydrift 1 photos

Collective links of media coverages from TOYDRIFT 1 AKA #driftforhaiyan