Thank You all drivers for making this one of the biggest ASB ever! With over 100 drivers registered, It was a lot of work but seeing everyone and knowing that all of you had a good time makes it easier to work on towards the ASB13! The undefeated DRIFT UNION won Team Tandem 2 years in a row, we know that the first one wasn’t a fluke because they came out and defended their title. Thanks guys for making it back here in lovely Socal again. Here’s a short video… wait for the full version to come!


I see Dan Greenbank, Dave Westfall, Matt Powers, Mickie Frial, Martin Muench and the rest of the guys from JUSTDRIFT ASB12 rippin` hard in this video at Streets of Willow.

Project-Definition Video of ASB12

Project-Definition: Just Drift / All Star Bash 2012 from Project-Definition on Vimeo.

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